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JavaScript Essentials

Build a web-based chat app using JavaScript. 👍 | taught by David VanDusen
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  • 5.0 hrs

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Styling With HTML & CSS
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Course description

In this free course, you'll be learning how to build your own web-based chat app similar to Twitch or Slack using JavaScript and other modern tools like Node.js and Web Sockets. The goal of this course is to introduce you to the fundamentals of building web-based applications using some of the most prominent and widely used programming technologies!

If you're new to programming, we recommend you start with our HTML & CSS Essentials course.

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David VanDusen
David VanDusen
Web Developer & Instructor

David is a sort of web dev Don Quixote, helping out wherever he is needed. He has grappled with his share of technological windmills yet continues his chivalrous fight for clean, beautiful code. That said, David is a renaissance man and pursues fine arts and music in his leisure.

Reviews (12)


by Sri Nath

Started me on JS

by Gideon Brasil
Great tutorial on getting started with JS. I like it that it emphasizes that you need to type the code. Practice makes perfect.
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by Sri Nath

Started me on JS

by Gideon Brasil
Great tutorial on getting started with JS. I like it that it emphasizes that you need to type the code. Practice makes perfect.

Brilliant, but where is the support?

by C.B.Vincent Goudreault
It was going great until reaching "Functionality with JavaScript; Client Side" step 3. Got stuck with Brackets stubbornly claiming that it could not use or recognize "$", "alert" or "console.log"; basically everything from a package/library is undefined. 24 hours later, the questions remain unanswered, with one other person reporting similar issue. One assumes that it must be a problem in the way things are installed, but I am completely at a loss as to the cause of the problem, and without any work-around, am completely stuck. If I could carry on, I am sure I could give 5 stars to the course, as the instructions are clear, the examples pertinent, the material logically laid-out. But I am stuck...

JS part1

by Digvijay Chouhan
Simple learning focused tutorial and stepping stone for web developers.

Not great at the actual Javascript part

by Brian Burger
The CSS portion of this course was great - just enough guidance and hints to give you some idea of the vocabulary (and Google search terms) to use, some pointers to useful websites, and finally a complete CSS sheet if you're stumped or need to confirm things. The Javascript portion could do with a LOT more of what makes the CSS portion good, especially the Enhancements section - the Initial Field - Part 1 section is woefully cryptic and I wouldn't have gotten past it without the help of a Javascript-literate co-worker. The List of Messages section has some of this, please add it to the Initial Field section too!

my Attempt of Javascript Essentials Part 1

by damion gibbs
I think the objective was appropriate and was not too complex. The instructions given were clear for the most part. It really helps me when an explanation for a line of code is given. Step 2 in has no explanation; I am left to guess what exactly that line of code is doing, after reading thru to Step 5. But the fact similar code is repeated in Step 5 and no mention made of what is going on in Step 2, (which looks like a repeat), will cause the student (me) to have to make assumptions as to what the code is actually doing. Point : more code explanation for Step 2 and referencing this in Step 5 to clarify why we did what we did in Step 2 and how it relates to the same code statements in Step 5. (ie. use of socket.on & socket.emit) The challenge I had was that there were insufficient examples on simple task such as passing multiple variables to the server. StackExchange returned 3 hits and the IO cheatsheet on how to use emit vs on was also lacking. I am at this point about 80% confident in what I did. Still working thru stretch goal #3. goals 1,2 &4 were done.

by Thiago Santos

by Brittany Brathwaite


by p campbell
This course is interesting but there is a lot of cut and paste of code. Which probably goes over the heads of most. You end up with a neat little app but after doing this you can't really do anything else with javascript.

by Geoffrey Cwiklewich

by Camilo Garcia