Learn web development and build web pages using HTML and CSS

HTML & CSS Essentials

Learn the basics of building and styling webpages. 👍 | taught by Maggie Moss

Course description

This course was created by Lighthouse Labs to introduce you to the basics of coding. This is just the beginning - there is a world of resources and avenues available for you to grow your digital literacy. Learning to code is more accessible than ever, whether it's learning in person, online or a little bit of both, there are endless ways you can expand your knowledge.

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Maggie Moss
Maggie Moss
Web Developer

The curriculum for this course was created by Maggie Moss. Maggie was part of our rockstar January cohort in Vancouver, and now she's passing on that knowledge to our students in as the instructor for our Intro to Web Development course in Toronto. She currently works as a Rails developer @ShopStorm.

Reviews (27)

by Ariana Mirus

Great Intro!

by Casey Scott
This was a great intro to HTML & CSS - really thorough, and comprehensive enough to get started programming a website.

by Prateek Diwedi
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by Ariana Mirus

Great Intro!

by Casey Scott
This was a great intro to HTML & CSS - really thorough, and comprehensive enough to get started programming a website.

by Prateek Diwedi

Review of HTML&CSS Essentials

by Brandon Wong
I've already taken a post-secondary course on this subject and this was a great refresher for me and was more helpful than the material presented in class in college.

Amazing course for beginners!

by James Y.
Whether you're preparing for iOS development or javascript, this should be your first step to start with. It gets you accustomed with a code editor and, teaches programming basics. From there you can transition into Objective-C Javascript or iOS development. This course took me approximately, half a day, I learned everything I would need to program a complete website. I urge you not to overlook this course!

The Human Version of HTML & CSS Essentials

Thank you Maggie! You are an amazing human being for creating this HTML & CSS essentials. Lighthouse Lab and Maggie have definitely achieved the purpose of introducing beginners to the basics of coding. The "practice your skill" section was a great addition, especially after learning the basic fundamentals of HTML & CSS. Can't wait to dig into Javascript essentials!

by Grant Wall

by Zuriel Sedziafa

Very good crash course in HTML and CSS

by Delmarie Bancud
I find the material very useful and establishes the guide in basic HTML and CSS. The items are organized and the exercise at the end of the day is very helpful.

Great beginner's look at HTML & CSS!

by Nadine Sandhu
Very clearly and simply presented. I loved the pace and explanations throughout along with the projects assigned. Definitely worth the few hours it takes to complete. I'm looking forward to learning more with Lighthouse Labs!

Wonderful Course

by Jay Cotton
This is a great intro level course that gives you a very systematic approach to learning the basics. At no point did I feel "over my head" which is a huge thumbs up for an intro coding course! Bravo!!!

by renata vieira
Basic , but so clear.

The Bare Necessities

by Amber Layne
Lighthouse Labs provides a useful tutorial on the essential tools HTML & CSS. This makes it both an excellent refresher and introduction to webpage design. Developers take the time to explain the language by comparing content and context of a layout. The course is organized using a progress bar--that way you can monitor your success as you practice your skills. There are debugging tips on common coding errors.


by Jonatas Gomes Alves
Thank you guys!

by Matt Wong

User Friendly & Easy to understand

by Lea Granado
Very well explained course!

by Thiago Santos

by Ross Haleliuk


by Alexandra Kmieciak

by Andre Bomfim

Good pace and easy to understand

by Diane Huang
Thanks for this course! I enjoyed it a lot and have learned more about HTML and CSS. I was very nervous about coding something from scratch but I think completing the practice assignments made me super confident about building my own site now! Can't wait to drink a lot of coffee and go crazy when I debug some errors :o) I also found the words of wis-don very interesting! Hope to attend some in-person workshops at Lighthouse soon. Thanks again!

by Benjamin Roberts

Confirmed - Maggie Moss is a rockstar!

by Lisa Rogalsky
• The static screen slides were amazing for a self-paced tutorial. As an older learner, I was proud to finish this section in 2 hours. • Maggie described certain coding concepts in a different way than I'd heard at other workshops; her teaching style really helped me to gain a better understanding of "why". • The first video tutorial by Andrew was very straightforward and easy to follow. The second video tutorial seemed to "jump around" on-screen - a bit less organized, but still helpful. • Andrew's fast scrolling and rapid retyping made it more challenging for me to focus on the content. I realize this is due to his proficiency on the subject - but it became harder to follow.

Well worth the time

by Alan Uren
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to learn in such a relatively short period of time. Looking forward to the Intro course scheduled for September in Halifax.

by Geoffrey Cwiklewich

Super Helpful Course!

by Mohammad Moravvej
Really liked how the course materials were structured and presented! Instructions were to the point and made learning HTML look easy! Thank you!

thx for uploading it

by susy t
great resources for open learning!